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Injection moulding

Kutterer und Mauer AG has one of the most modern machine parks in the industry.
We are proud to use the latest technologies to offer our customers a wide range of high-quality solutions.



We operate a company-owned tool manufature. This allows us to control and optimize the entire process from development to serial production.
This ensures high quality, fast serial production and individual solutions for our customers..



The refinement makes a product unique, attractive and transports the brand of our customers.
We offer a variety of finishing techniques like, embossing, holograms, varnishing, metallization and many more.


We address the requirements of every industrial sector. For example, we have developed a proprietary clean-room pharmaceutical concept, which has a controlled level of contamination allows us a 100% quality test and high exit figures.





In our Technical Center, an international project team is developing customized products for our customers.
We define the basic conditions and the optimal solution, together with our customers. Because of our strict (streamlined) organization,
we achieve a short reaction and development time for our customers, which is a great advantage (compare) to the competition.

Our development competence is supported by our in-house mold making. State-of-the-art technologies guarantee the fast and
seamless transition from design to production.

Innovative products are not enough for us

If products are attractive, they sell better to the end user. Therefore, we offer our customers a variety of finishes, such as embossing, holograms, varnishing, metallization, and many more. What ever you desire – We have the solution for you!

As our slogan "Open up to every challenge" perfect expresses , we are looking for the challenge. The special solution is therefore not an exception, it is our daily business. In addition to standard products, we offer our customers primarily:

Customized product solutions

Our spectrum offers unusual design to sophisticated technical solutions.

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